HydroCo TIME Spa Capsule




Incorporating aroma steam, Vichy shower, and hydro color therapy;

our TIME capsule experience is pure bliss!  While the aroma steam

fills the capsule, it not only is very warming and detoxifying, it also

activates the nutrients contained in the seaweed and mud body

treatments, effectively infusing and enhancing the treatment results. 

Following steam, the rain forest style Vichy shower will saturate and

drench the body, rinsing off all product from the treatment you have

received.  All while having your hair shampooed and scalp massaged

with conditioner.  Pair the capsule with any of our body treatments

and be whisked away to the waterfall in this private and amazing

hydrotherapy experience. 

$35 stand-alone, $20 add-on to body treatment

HydroCo TIME Spa Capsule Steam -  Enjoy a 15 minute aromatherapy

steam in our spa capsule prior to or following your massage or facial.

Benefits include warming the muscles, detoxifying the body and

deepened relaxation. 

$15 add-on to massage


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